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Our Centers

Discover out IIT NEET and Foundation course centers.


our “Konale’s IIT-JEE CENTRE” which is only one of its kind and the First time in the history of Nanded a full-fledged IIT-JEE Preparation Centre under one roof.


We ensures that every student at KCC experiences uniform attention and interaction with each faculty member along with the setting of their individual goals and achievement.


Our foundation courses for students between 11-16 years is focused on helping them to develop a solid foundation in Maths, Science, English and communication.

Demo Lectures

Watch demo lectures from highly qualified teachers.


Foundation Courses

Foundation courses for curious young minds.

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    7th Grade

    Humble Beginnings

    7th graders who were taught that intelligence is malleable and shown how the brain grows with effort showed a clear increase in Math Science and communication skills.

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    8th Grade

    Building intelligence

    What about logic? Our courses opens in a new windowexplicit instruction in critical thinking–including lessons in basic logic, hypothesis testing, and scientific thinking raises students skills and IQ.

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    9th Grade

    Knowledge is Power

    The more one knows, the more one will be able to control events.

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    10th Grade

    Ready for Phase Two Expansion

    Getting ready for the big stage? Our teachers as a facilitator design and apply various learning strategies to train and stimulate students to develope critical thinking.

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