7th Grade
Humble Beginnings

7th graders who were taught that intelligence is malleable and shown how the brain grows with effort showed a clear increase in Math Science and communication skills.

8th Grade
Building intelligence

What about logic? Our courses opens in a new windowexplicit instruction in critical thinking–including lessons in basic logic, hypothesis testing, and scientific thinking raises students skills and IQ.

9th Grade
Knowledge is Power

The more one knows, the more one will be able to control events.

10th Grade
Ready for Phase Two Expansion

Getting ready for the big stage? Our teachers as a facilitator design and apply various learning strategies to train and stimulate students to develope critical thinking.

JEE Course Details

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Course Description

The best brains compete to get admission to this two-year legendary course offered by us. The course, unmatched in its rigor and precision, raises you to the very zenith of your preparation. The stimulating atmosphere of the institute, small batches (yes-we belief in quality), and one-to-one interaction with the instructor ensure that every rough edge is smoothened, every small doubt is cleared, that's why most of our toppers are from this course. More importantly, we train you to think analytically, we give you a systematic approach to problem-solving - a must for NEET-UG. If you think you are bright, if you think you are capable, if you think that you can make it to the top, this course is precisely for you.

Admission Process

Through BRAMHASTRA to be held on 18-12-22 , . The test will be objective.

Syllabus and Sample Test For  BRAMHASTRA



Student Feedback

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